Welcome to North & South Carolinas' Dance Resources Page! 

To use choreography from our very own Divisional Youth Dance Ensembles click here Pazaz.  Tiny Tips is a link with video footage that will help implement proper technique and performance.  Contact Creative Arts Director, Sabrina Borum, with questions or for additional resources.


  • Moving with the Spirit: Vol. 1 – Performance Resource! ($25.00)


A great 2 Disc video production complete with various performance genres and instructional segments of 8 Tunes!  This bundle includes an accompaniment CD with the original performance tracks used by the USA Southern Territorial Creative Arts Ensemble.  Performance tracks included are: In My System, Stereotype, The World for God, Be Like Jesus, Love, Don’t Worry Child, Your Holy Love, and Soldier’s Hymn!   To order, call the Salvation Army Trade department at1-800-786-7372.  


  • Creative Arts Curriculum: Dance - Technique & Performance Resource! ($15.00) 

 It is so important that we start our dance ministry off on the right foot, and this curriculum will do just that. It will teach the leader and class how to run a quality dance program that will produce a ministry that is meant to enhance worship.  Have a mature leader who is willing to start the group, but not comfortable being in front of the group leading dance? This curriculum comes with a DVD which has the capability of teaching the class from beginning to end!  This curriculum is broken up into four units with 5 sessions in each. You will study lyrical, jazz, contemporary, and hip–hop. Techniques learned will range from basic dance positions and posture to jeté and Assemblé!  To order, call the Salvation Army Trade department at1-800-786-7372.