Welcome to North & South Carolinas' Dramatic Resources Page!  

Below you will find scripts & curriculum for your corps drama ensemble leaders.  Tiny Tips is a link with video footage that will help implement proper technique and performance. Contact Creative Arts Director, Sabrina Borum, for additional resources!  

  • CURRICULUM (Step by step instruction for drama technique & performance – Scripts Included!)
    • D.E.A.L. - Drama Elective Arts Leadership: Free Handbook with lessons plans for 4 Week of Drama Elective Instruction! 
    • C.A.T.C.H.  - Creative Arts Track Curriculum Handbook: Free Handbook with lesson plans for 4 weeks of Creative Arts Instruction.  This handbook covers the following genres 1 week at a time: Drama, Dance, Choreodrama, Creation 
    • Creative Arts Curriculum: Drama $15.00 (Available in English or Spanish): This book contains 14 lesson plans grouped into 3 units of related concepts: Physical Awareness, Vocal Awareness and Character Awareness.  Each of the 3 units will culminate in the presentation of a script.  These scripts, included in the book have been written to provide an application for the techniques learned in each unit.  Sample performances of each script can be seen on the enclosed DVD.  By combining basic drama training with both performance and spiritual life application, the material contained in this book provide a solid foundation on which to build an effective drama ministry for your corp! To order, call the Salvation Army Trade department at 1-800-786-7372
Like what you see?  Click here for more wonderful theatre resources from the SKIT GUYS. They have great scripts and videos for all sorts of occasions!